The Future of Travel – How will it change after the Pandemic

View from the plane - the future of travel

There is no secret that the travel industry took one of the biggest hits from the COVID – 19 pandemic. For a long time, travelling won’t look the same and we’ll have to adapt to many changes. What changes? Keep reading to find out when we’ll be able to travel and how will the future of travel look […]

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13 Fun and Simple Staycation Ideas You Can Do At Home

Staycation ideas to do at home

Dreaming about travelling again? I’m with you! Unfortunately travelling isn’t an option at the moment. But it doesn’t mean, that you have to give up on all the leisure activities. You can organize yourself a perfect staycation at home. Here are some ideas for staycation at home […]

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29 Coolest and Productive Things To Do At Home in 2020

Things to do at home in 2020

2020 was supposed to be amazing! Everyone had big hopes and dreams that this year will be the year of their lives. Ok, maybe it’s a bit of an exaggeration, but 20-20…can it get more OCD perfect than that?
Meanwhile…we need to occupy ourselves with the things to do at home […]

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Puglia road trip – my 3 day itinerary for the insane

Road trip in Puglia, Italy

Puglia is perfect for a road trip. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coastline, fields of olive trees, incredibly charming towns and villages…Sounds great, right? But “where do I find it?” you might ask. Where is Puglia? Puglia is a region of Italy located in the southeast of the country. It fills the “heel” of […]

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The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon – My Delicious Guide

Vegan food in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal, famous for beautiful beaches, historic cities, colourful tiles – azulejos, Port wine and…Christiano Ronaldo, is also a country obsessed with meat and seafood. I was relieved when I heard that the times when being a vegan in Lisbon meant surviving on a limp salad are long gone. And indeed […]

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Winter in Poland – ultimate guide to the Tatra Mountains

Zakopane in Winter - Winter in Polish Mountains

When travelling to Poland many people tend to head to the big cities. But apart from fascinating, modern, yet historic centres, like Warsaw, Kraków or Gdansk, Poland also delights with its treasures of beautiful and diverse natural sights: wide and sandy beaches, idyllic lakes, wooded forests and…[…]

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Christmas decorations in London – what to see in one day

London Christmas decorations on Regent Street

There is no bad time to visit London. Since I moved to the UK, I’m there a couple of times a year and every time I’m fascinated by its vibrancy, variety and bustle.
But London at Christmas time is a whole new level of excitement. Streets decorated with festive lights, stores and restaurants adorned with baubles […]

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Travel Malaysia – stuff you should know before your trip

Thean Hou Buddhist Temple, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Diversity. This is the first thing that hits you when you start reading about Malaysia. Mixed cultures, languages and religions, vibrant cities and remote jungles, modern skyscrapers and UNESCO historical sites, beautiful beaches and wildlife-packed rainforests…Not to mention the variety of delectable food […]

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10 + 1 things to do in Porto, Portugal – my trip advice

FeaturedImage, Porto, Portugal

Porto – the city of Port Wine, The Douro River, and azulejo tiles. One of the oldest cities in Europe, proclaimed by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, yet kind of forgotten in the past. Only 15 years ago the locals were complaining that the medieval streets of their city were empty. Now, mainly thanks to low cost airlines […]

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Florence from above – the best viewpoints in Firenze, Italia

View of Duomo in Florence, Italy

Florence – the city of Michelangelo and his David, Donatello and his…also David, Bartolomeo Ammannati and his Neptune and…Ezio Auditore da Firenze with all the Borgia family members he… Assassinated Creed. Birthplace of the Renaissance movement, bursting with stunning architecture and exquisite art […]

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