Puglia road trip – my 3 day itinerary for the insane

Road trip in Puglia, Italy

Puglia is perfect for a road trip. Stunning landscapes, beautiful coastline, fields of olive trees, incredibly charming towns and villages…Sounds great, right? But “where do I find it?” you might ask. Where is Puglia? Puglia is a region of Italy located in the southeast of the country. It fills the “heel” of […]

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Florence from above – the best viewpoints in Firenze, Italia

View of Duomo in Florence, Italy

Florence – the city of Michelangelo and his David, Donatello and his…also David, Bartolomeo Ammannati and his Neptune and…Ezio Auditore da Firenze with all the Borgia family members he… Assassinated Creed. Birthplace of the Renaissance movement, bursting with stunning architecture and exquisite art […]

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How to make the most of Two days in Cinque Terre – Itinerary

View of Manarola in Cinque Terre, Italy

From five, quiet, Italian fishing villages to one of the most famous coastal landscapes in the world. Over the past 15 years, Cinque Terre has become one of the top ten tourist attractions in Italy with over 2.4 million visitors arriving every year. Find out how you can spend two days in Cinque Terre […]

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Cin cin…Cinque what? – what is Cinque Terre? –ultimate guide!

Featued image to Cin Cin Cinque Terre blog post

Maybe you happened to see pictures of the gorgeous costal scenery featuring multi-coloured houses perched on the cliffs. Or maybe you heard your friends talking about a magical wonderland in Italy, but the only thing you remembered was: “hmmm, it had something to do with cin cin…” […]

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