The 7 Best Vegan Restaurants in Lisbon – My Delicious Guide

Vegan food in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal, famous for beautiful beaches, historic cities, colourful tiles – azulejos, Port wine and…Christiano Ronaldo, is also a country obsessed with meat and seafood. I was relieved when I heard that the times when being a vegan in Lisbon meant surviving on a limp salad are long gone. And indeed […]

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10 + 1 things to do in Porto, Portugal – my trip advice

FeaturedImage, Porto, Portugal

Porto – the city of Port Wine, The Douro River, and azulejo tiles. One of the oldest cities in Europe, proclaimed by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, yet kind of forgotten in the past. Only 15 years ago the locals were complaining that the medieval streets of their city were empty. Now, mainly thanks to low cost airlines […]

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